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I host sites, including this one, on virtual server instances running on a cloud computing infrastructure. This offers many advantages, but the most important one to me is the isolation from hardware problems. The cloud is built on fully redundant hardware and if a hardware failure occurs, my virtual server just fails over to another node. For many years, I hosted sites on dedicated servers and disk failures were an occasional and very irritating problem. Switching to cloud-based virtual servers was supposed to end all that.

But here’s the thing. The virtual servers have virtual disks. And those virtual disks can, in strange circumstance, become corrupted just as real disks can. It’s not really a hardware problem; it’s a virtual hardware problem.

It’s rare. I have it on good authority that the engineers for the company that provides the cloud management system to the hosting company I use have only seen the issue a handful of times in almost half a decade.

I saw it twice in two days.

The two days immediately after I sent links to my résumé out to more than half a dozen employers.


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