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Jpgtn is a thumbnailer for JPEG images. I first wrote it over 10 years ago. I released version 2.0 sometime in 2002. I made several minor updates afterward, but  it has remained available on, unchanged at version 2.06, since February of 2003.

I recently created a repository for it at github and started doing a bit of cleanup.

Probably owing to the fact that it’s a narrowly focused utility with a very small footprint, and to the fact that is has been around and stable for so many years, it has gotten quite a bit of use and gathered a small following. So, I don’t plan on making any big changes now. There may be some room for some performance improvement and maybe even a feature or two, so long as they don’t change the existing interface.

Jpgtn is based on “tnpic” by Russell Marks and on “gtnpic” by Willie Daniel. “tnpic” was originally distributed as a utility with Marks’ “zgv” program. “gtnpic” was an attempt to clean up and expand upon the original tnpic program and “maybe add some new features along the way.” Jpgtn differs from both tnpic and gtnpic in purpose. It is not an indexer.

Jpgtn only thumbnails JPEG images. I have no plans to change it to accept other input formats. On and off I’ve thought about adding support for PNG output but I haven’t had a real need for it myself so I haven’t done it.

Jpgtn can output thumbnails to files with names based on the names of the input files, or it can dump to stdout. The stdout support can be a useful feature for CGI applications.

Jpgtn is based, in part, on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.