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Current Interests

Redis has caught my attention again, and in a big way this time. It’s feature set is expanding sanely. With version 2.6, scripting in Lua has been added, giving me a good reason to learn it.

I’ve also been retraining myself in CLIPS after finding R-DEVICE, which is apparently a defunct project but possibly a good jumping off point for using CLIPS as a semantic reasoner with RDF data. I’ve started updating R-DEVICE and tweaking it to run on Linux with Redland for the RDF support. I’m unsure of its licensing at this point, though, so I’m just doing this to satisfy some personal curiosity at this point.

I took a look at Haxe this week. It’s another interesting project. Its claim that it “can be compiled to all popular programming platforms” would better be stated as a goal… but does compile to several including C++, Java, Javascript, PHP, Flash, and C#. That’s a pretty interesting variety. I think it has some potential to grow into a good alternative to Flex. I also think they might have a real win if they start supporting objective-c. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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